On Spoilers and Privilege

Abbie Mills is dead.

Abbie Mills is dead, and I don’t care if this spoils the episode for you, or if you are upset that the internet is up in arms about this major character death before you got a chance to see the episode.

Abbie Mills is dead, and this is an act of violence against Black Women. Abbie Mills is dead, and Black Women are killed for being Black. In real life. Today. Right now.

So, when you say, “Guys! Please don’t spoil me! Now the episode is ruined!” I hear: “Killing Black Women is an interesting twist!”

When you say, “Ugh, my enjoyment of the episode will be ruined now, thanks for spoiling that for me,” I hear: “Watching Black Women sacrifice themselves for a white man is an enjoyable thing for me to watch.”

Black Women are being killed for being Black, and you’re wondering why the revolution is happening.

Lexa is dead. Lexa is a statistic, now.

Lexa is dead, now one of the 152 dead lesbian and bisexual characters killed for shock value on a TV show.

Lexa is dead, and all queer women hear is: “You don’t deserve a happy ending. All you deserve is death.”

So when you say, “This ruins the entire show for me,” I say, “Me too.”

When you say, “No, I meant that it was spoiled for me,” I say, “Now a queer woman who was going to watch doesn’t have to go through that pain.”

I say, “Now a queer woman doesn’t have to watch herself be killed, again, for no reason.”

I say, “Now a queer woman can remove herself from more pain.”

Sleepy Hollow and The 100 were safe spaces, we were told. We were promised. We were misled.

Sleepy Hollow said, “We hear you, we messed up in season two. We hear you, we will do better.” We trusted. We fell for it.

The 100 said, “You are home. You belong. You matter. We value you.” We trusted. We fell for it.

Television is not our home. Genre TV is not our home. We are not safe.

So when you say, “Don’t spoil me!” I say, “Too bad.”

I say, “The fact that you care so much to not be spoiled is a privilege.”

And it is. If you are unhappy that you found out about these deaths before you could watch them happen in front of your eyes, you are privileged. You might be able to see a plethora of characters like you. You might be able to feel safe.

What I ask of you, if this rings true for you, is to take several seats. This is not about you.

This is about the revolution.

Minorities are not disposable. Minorities are not here to sacrifice themselves for you. Minorities matter, on TV, in real life.

And if you say, “it’s just a TV show, get over it!” I say, “Our media is a reflection of our society, and nothing exists in a vacuum.”

Lexa is dead. Abbie Mills is dead. This is our revolution.






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